Cameroon Debate ACADEMY 2013 (VOX POP)

Mariel Golden (U.S.A.)
I feel really inspired after this workshop. Over there in the USA, debating is just a game but the people here see it as a means to change their country. The students are very passionate. This was my first time to give lectures and also my first time in Africa, so it was really a cultural shock for me.
I think my major challenge was putting up with the cultural differences. Cameroonian youths have very strong views on issues such as homosexuality and I found it hard to deal with that.

                                                  Patricia Johnson Carson (Canada)

What struck me most was realizing how internalized colonial feelings are in the minds of young Africans. When people argue, they say going out would make them more civilized because they think that being African somehow makes them less civilized but it does not. Being African is being beautiful. Just as worthy as everyone born in North America. You are amazing. Never stop thinking you are not.

Pr. Keneth Newby (USA, Director of Morehouse College Forensics Program)
Despite our many differences, we got more in common. We should not be divided by nation, by culture or by religion because I believe that we are stronger together. Secondly, I would take home the amazing spirit of the Cameroonian debate. Cameroonians have strong voices that need to be heard in the world and I feel privileged to have heard them.

By Sulem Franca

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