Official Launching of the Cameroon National Universities Debating Championship 2015 (CANUDC)

Université des Montagnes Moved to a Next Level

CDA-UdM Partnership-CANUDC 2015
In the West region of Cameroon, Ndé division in Bangangté, a press conferencewas held on June 26thin occasion of the official Launchingof the CANUDC’s 3rd edition which will take place in November.

Attending this conference were the Local Organisation Committee members from the Debate Club of Montagnes, members of the National Organisation Committee from the Cameroon Debate Association (CDA), national and local media and other well-wishers. The press conference started with a word of welcome from the Vice-Chancellor of UdM, Pr Ambroise KOM who encouraged students from both public and private higher institutes of Cameroon to take part in the tournament, advising them that, « acquiring certificates at the university is not enough, but also acquiring a professional knowledge about leadership is necessary». According to him, Youth are the future leaders of tomorrow and therefore, they have to work for that leadership as he also claimed « leadership is not bought but learned ». Professor KOM also insisted on the fact that students should be able to manage their time given the amount of work they have. 

Also attending the conference was the CDA Scientific Committee President, Pr Alain Cyr PANGOP, who started his speech by praising Pr. KOM for having accepted the partnership between the UdM and the CDA. Professor PANGOP also encouraged all amateurs of debate to join the World of Words which is less known by Africans. He said that Youths have to impose themselves into oratory competence, interactive learning, critical thoughts and democratic dialogue.

Binyou-CANUDC 2015

Furthermore, the President of the CDA highlighted the importance the debate has on the education of Youths, as far as one of its results is a professional success. Marius Yannick BINYOU BI-HOMB was quite determined and motivated about the four keys of CANUDC 2015; which are communication, organisation, partnership and sponsoring.
The occasion of this press conference was also seized by the CDA webmaster to present the CANUDC’s renewed and modernised website – everybody can get his registration to CANUDC2015 before november7th. 

The press conference which ended at about 6 pm has also been an occasion for the CDA to partner officially with UdM. Journalists and snap shots will always witness that day as a memorable one. It was a 26th of June...

Kristel Ashi Fon

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